Nursing Floors

Your nurse’s communication mobile communication device is one of their most highly used and touched device during their shift. Being in contact with different patients all day long poses a high risk for the increased transfer of harmful bacteria between the nurse, their mobile communication device and the patient. By having your devices go through a rapid sanitization cycle within the ElectroClave once a day, helps to minimize the risk of bacteria growth on these devices. With the ability to sanitize up to eight phones or four tablets at once, the ElectroClave allows for more time with patients while helping to increase disinfection compliance without any major impacts to workflow.

Seal Shield has many hospital customers using the ElectroClave on their nursing floors. These ElectroClaves are helping to manage and disinfect the staff’s mobile devices while helping to increase compliance. Whether the devices are shared between staff, user assigned, or personal devices, the ElectroClave is able to help with them all.