Emergency Department

Time and efficiency is everything in the emergency department to ensure patient and staff safety. The sanitization of mobile devices should be a simple task and shouldn’t interfere with staff activity. Whether these devices are used for patient check-in or staff communication, the ElectroClave allows for rapid device sanitization with minimal device downtime. Since all ElectroClaves track user access and RFID-tagged devices, managers can gain insights into any issues with infection control compliance and device usage to drive better decision making helping to increase patient outcomes.

Middlesex Healthcare has 3 ElectroClaves deployed in their emergency departments; one in the main hospital and one in each of their offsite emergency facilities. In each of these locations, the ElectroClaves store and charge iPads that are used for patient registration and signature capture. After each patient interaction, the iPad is returned to the ElectroClave for sanitization and charging until it is needed again ensuring clean devices for their patients.